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Screen Shots of the Epee Engine at work:

These are some screen shots from a program (that uses the Epee Engine) that user philwatkins on the forum created.

The program is a basketball bracket creating program.

In the top right the they are using editable text boxes to allow the user to enter a name and a bracket name to save out to file.

Thought out they are using buttons, image, and text boxes.






The next screen shots are of Tutorial 3(First Game) that i posted on the wiki. The first screen shot is with the software rendering version running on a 1.6 GHz computer. The render averages about 100 fps per GHz of cpu power (this may varied with what is being rendered).

    The next one is the same but using the opengl render version of the engine.


Epee Engine was created by Alan Uthoff  3/12/06

Last updated 7/10/07