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Change Log :

-Finished OpenGl backend 
-Droped software rendering backend
-Caps lock now works in textboxes
-Only numbers textboxes can now have negitve numbers 
-Can now set editable,numbersonly,and highlite from xml 
-Removed out all sprintf

-Added caps lock to the control characters class
-Set Volume now works correctly
-Added outline functions void ShowOutLine();void HideOutLine(); bool GetOutLine(); to the sprocket class which draws an outline around the sprocket
-Textbox justification now works
-Cached rotations and scaling changes to improve performance
-Added the - sign to be included in the SetNumbersOnly function of the textbox class. So negative numbers are now include as numbers when a textbox is set to numbers only


-Moved StringFromNumericData and StringToNumericData out side the Epee Engine Class (kept old version for compatibility)
-Fixed minor clipping bug with animations
-Added the animation script class
-Added the editable and numberonly tag to the xml data file parser for textboxes
-Fixed bug with odd frame rates numbers not working

--fixed bug with highlighting mulitable textboxes
--editable textboxes will now use a set hight and width. If hight and width are -1 the hight and width are based off the first string set in the textbox.
--non editable textboxes can now be hightlited when clicked
--keys now repeat when held down

--Textboxes can now have background colors
--programmers can now test for alt, ctr, caplocks, and shift example GetControlCharacters()->IsShiftPressed();
--Shift now affects letters , numbers and other keys like [
--TextBoxes can now change the background color of and text color when clicked call textbox->SetColorChangedOnClick(true) to set this.Note this only works on editable text boxes
--all number pad keys now work
--added funtions to fade in and fad out sound
--added funtions to allow programmers to check where the back ground music or a sound is playing
--cleaned up code and put all implentations of class funtions in cpp excpt some of epee engin
--TextBoxes now clip correctly
--Text can now be render in better quality
--Renamed enable and disable to enableclick and disableclick
--Clicking on the textboxes now works correctly






Epee Engine was created by Alan Uthoff 3/12/06

Last updated 7/8/12