Epee Engine

The Epee* Engine is an open source cross platform graphics engine using SDL and Tinyxml technology.

The Epee Engine is licensed under the zlib/libpng License as published

by the Free Software Foundation

*Pronounced "EH-pay"


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I have posted full documentation for the engine with hello world example.


I have been working on many improvements to the engine. Lately work has started on trying to improve the audio API to allow for additional sound libraries. Also fixing build issues with Linux and setting up example projects have been my top priorities. To keep the main branch of the Epee Engine stable I have created a new fork (Epee Engine Labs)  for new and experiential features.


I have been busy with other projects for several years and just recently had the time to start work again on this project.
There is now a repository for the Epee Engine and all new code is going there. The OpenGL backend is now finished and I am currently working on many improvements to the engine.
There are plans to overhaul the documentation for the engine and I hope to have a new site with full documentation some time next year.


I have update the wiki and have move all the documentation , examples and tutorials to it. I will no longer be updating the form with this information.. You can visit the wiki here


So, you can see not much has been happening development wise on the engine. I am currently being contracted by a game company and that is taking up most of my time. I do plan on starting back up development some time this year.




Add a new screen shots page. There are only screen shots of one program right now but i plan on posting more at a later time.

Preview release of the Opengl version of the Epee Engine.
This version uses opengl to achieve hardware accelerated rendering, and is based of an older version of the engine.
Some features and bug fixes in .35 do not appear in this version.
Rotation and scaling work for the most part but point to box collision does not keep up with the transformations.
This is only a preview a new version of the opengl verison is already in the works.
The SDL_GFX library is no longer need for this version. However, the opengl and glu libraries are required.
Note: BMP and PNG are the only image format that works with this version
Download Here

New Version Released .35
See Change log for full list of changes
Coming soon preview version of Opengl version ,new tutorial, and release of the new wiki
Changed references of .282 to .281 to match the version number in the file


I am still working on the new version of the engine slowly but surely. In the mean time I have add more documentation to the forum and started transferring it to a permanent wiki. I have also started adding examples in the newly created example section in the forum. The examples will build on each other and give a good deal of information about how to use the Epee Engine. I plan on writing one each week for a will not sure how many i will write but lesson one is up on the forum..


Due to my very busy schedule this last week, not much work has been done on finishing up the next release. I have found some time to work on the forum and update the website, though. I try to update one function a day in the documentation portion of the forum so that section continues to move forward. I am hopeful that this coming week I will get a chance to work on the new version. I want to thank everyone for being patient and so supportive.


Currently I am working on incorporating 3d hardware acceleration using opengl into the Epee Engine. I am almost done and plan on posting it in the next couple of weeks
I also will be posting one more update to the current software rendering version but plan to drop the software rendering feature in favor of hardware acceleration.

New features for next release
3d hardware acceleration
Networking class (using SDL_Net)
Animation scripting class

As you can see I have started a forum to assistant people on using and getting information on the engine.documentation may take me some time to complete but I plan on spending a lot of time on documentation after the next release.



The Epee engine is currently in the alpha stage but is stable enough to work with.

Documentation, tutorials, examples,and information see the new Wiki



Epee Engine was created by Alan Uthoff  3/12/06

Last updated 11/11/2013